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Social Media Matters, a Stage 4 English teaching program developed by teachers is available for don’t friend me. Based on the new national curriculum, it includes multimodality and transmedia activities and is included FREE with every class set of books. Books (and the teaching program) can be ordered from the publisher.

The program is based on the new Australian curriculum. The unit includes a variety of multimodal activities, as well as a set of paper-based worksheets that can be photocopied. There are several assessment tasks to choose from, some of which can be used as classroom-based activities, depending on school resources and requirements.
It is a six-week unit but if teachers choose to use all of the included activities, there is enough material to cover one school term. There is also scope for PDHPE outcomes relating to the study of Relationships to be integrated with Social Media Matters, but the program also stands alone in the English curriculum.


Teacher Reviews

It is not often that we, as English teachers, are given the opportunity to teach a unit that has been prepared by the author of the text. Not only have we been presented with a new and engaging text focusing on the current issue of social media, don’t friend me by Khyiah Angel; it comes together with an equally innovative and engaging unit of work, Social Media Matters.

This unit of work has been targeted for stage 4 and is intended for a six-week period. It is in line with the Australian curriculum and also follows the principles of the quality-teaching framework.

This teaching unit not only focuses on developing skills for novel analysis, it also develops others skills, such as ICT, ethics, critical thinking and sociology; as it focuses on youth culture, peer pressure and cyber bullying.

The contemporary topic of social media is sure to engage even the hardest of classes to teach. To ensure high levels of engagement, the author has also integrated this into the learning style; incorporating digital text and multimedia into the class and assignment tasks.

This unit is a must for all Stage 4 students. What an exciting way for students to become engaged in the studies of English!

Gabrielle Maina, English Teacher, NSW Department of Education.

“You have great insight into the way social media can control and divert the friendships and relationships of teenagers and the way in which it crosses the home/school boundaries.”

Matt, High School Teacher.

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