Release date: 28th January 2016  ISBN: 978-0-9944776-0-6  Category: Fiction / Young Adult

dont friend me front RGB web coloursdon’t friend me is a young adult novel about a group of teenaged friends who set up a fake social media profile for one of their own. It is a prank that quickly escalates and then spirals out of control when a post on the fake profile unwittingly goes viral. Best friends, Sophie and Mitch, find themselves on opposite sides of the ensuing drama and while they are forced to navigate the intense, sometimes brutal, nature of the high school social landscape in an attempt to reconnect, they become embroiled in a series of events with devastating consequences and from which they may never recover.


Release date: Coming late 2017  ISBN: TBC                           Category: Fiction / Young Adult

SayNothing_01-02Tangled in the criminal activity of his father, 16-year-old Jack is implicated in a crime he did not commit. Best mate, Dan, desperately tries to prove Jack’s innocence. He appeals to Jess, a well-behaved, serious, straight-A student in their year at school, who witnessed the event, to help him find the truth. Jess must make the decision to either help her classmates when doing so may mean breaking the law, or tell the police everything she knows which could have serious consequences for Jack. This dilemma challenges everything she thinks she knows about right and wrong, and she realises that the boundaries are rarely as clear as she had always thought.


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