I am ready. Really I am.

imagesAlmost two years after I finished writing Fake Profile and following a successful launch  a few months ago, I recently began to receive requests to take the novel where it needs to go — into schools!

At first, it was a couple of texts from teacher friends suggesting that I should write a teaching program to accompany the book. But since officially launching the paperback version of the novel, I have received much more feedback about the book from parents and teachers, than from the 13 to 15-year-olds with whom it originally seemed to resonate.

The difference in feedback between the two groups is interesting. Parents are adamant that I promote the book in schools; teachers want a teaching program so they can use the book as a stimulus to teach Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship. Both groups see these types of stories on the news and often have to deal with the fallout when social media goes wrong for their charges. But the kids themselves are much more blasé about it. After all, the story of Fake Profile is much more familiar to them. They like the fact that it reflects their reality now.

The most common response I get from kids is “There’s a Brittany-type character at my school and...” They are less surprised by the concept of Fake Profile (...oh yeah, that happened to...) and more interested in the interaction between characters (... I loved the little brothers; they reminded me of my cousins...)

The volume of emails I’ve received from random readers humbles me, and I feel privileged to be in a position to be able to write a teaching program. And now I’m ready. The program is nearly done, the flyers have been designed, and all that is left is to summon the courage to send them out.

See what you think.

Fake Profile Promo





















Download a PDF Flyer here: Fake_Profile_promo