I’m back – with research!



It's been a long wait between posts. After reclaiming the rights to my novel and releasing it with a new publisher, new title and cover earlier this year, I have been focusing my energies on my research.

This research paper, Multimodality as an Authorial Competency, talks about the need for authors of young adult fiction to diversify their skill set so that they are able to continue to communicate with their readers in the spaces YAs mostly inhabit - online networked communities.



The future of the book has been the subject of contentious discussion and debate for decades. As concepts and definitions of ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ continue to evolve, the general concept of literacy in a participatory culture is undergoing a paradigm shift. The subsequent revolution in reading will require examination by authors—particularly those who write for the generations of young adults (YAs) born into, and consumed by, technology—of the increasing demand for multimodal textual experiences, so that they may diversify their writing skill set and remain relevant to the demographic for whom they write.


Angel, K. (2016). "Multimodality as an Authorial Competency." Logos 27(1): 45-52.