Writers’ Groups for Students

flyerWhy Choose a Creative Writing Group?

  • Kids are natural storytellers
  • Creative writing encourages self-expression
  • Improved written expression means improved flow when writing
  • Technical aspects of writing are learnt in a non-threatening context
  • Students MUST write in multiple genres at school
  • Creative writing is FUN!
  • Willing writers are better writers
  • Critiquing in creative writing develops critical thinking skills
  • Skills are transferable to other forms of writing (eg: reports, recounts, essays, procedures, persuasive writing, etc)

Who would benefit from being part of a Creative Writing group?

  • Kids who love to write
  • Kids who are nervous about writing
  • Students wanting to improve their writing skills in a relaxed, non-threatening environment
  • Students who want to enter writing competitions
  • Students who are working on a longer body of work (eg: English extn 2 projects)
  • Students who would like to develop a writing port-folio
  • Students who have a yearning to be a writer
  • Any student that wants to write for any reason at all!

Bookings are currently closed.

Check back soon for some exciting new developments for the Writers’ Group program.

If you would like more information about the program, or would like to be placed on the waiting list, please Email.